SOLMA Projects

We work with the Malealea Development Trust to build and repair schools, expand access to clean drinking water, and support the intellectual and physical growth of Malealea’s children.


School construction

Schools in Malealea are over-crowded and often crumbling. We are continually raising funds to provide urgent reconstruction projects for schools, because children deserve learning environments that are whole and safe.

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drinking water access

The people of Malealea often have to walk miles every day to retrieve water for drinking, cooking, crop irrigation, and bathing, and even then the water can be dangerously contaminated. We are working to expand safe water access by constructing safe pipelines to town taps, but the work required is immense.

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childhood development

Childhood is often lost to the harsh realities of subsistence living. Too many children struggle to make it to school and to get enough to eat. If they have a disability, life is made nearly impossible. As well as contributing funds to need-based secondary school scholarships and supporting supplementary educational programs for all students, we also provide aid to children living with disabilities, allowing them to get the individual care that they need.